Toyota GR Yaris Programmes

Driving fun in the land of 1000 lakes

Behind the steering wheel of the Toyota GR Yaris you can experience the pleasure of driving on ice and enjoy the feeling of GR Yaris performance with special 480 studded tyres.

Driving fun in the land of 1000 lakes
Exclusive Ice Circuit Experience

Unique tailor-made event

Enjoy a thrilling winter motorsport experience with a personal driving coach. You have no kilometre restrictions and all our circuits are at your disposal.

Our staff team looks forward to being at your service. This also includes top catering in the Rantapirtti restaurant.

Contact us. Together we can organise an unforgettable event that meets your needs, expectations and wishes!


Come, Feel the Ice & Enjoy!

ERM Events Ice karting winter track is frozen and safe. The driving session includes a complete winter-racing gear and driving instructions.

You don’t need any previous experience, come and enjoy!

Co-Drive Experience

Enjoy the thrill of speed

Come and have a co-drive experience with professional driver on Finnish road or ice circuit in winter conditions.

Feel the performance of GR Yaris rally car!