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Ford Proto 4 Wd turbo Rally car

Engine: 2.0 litre turbo – 360 Hp
0-100 km/ h – 4,1 sec top speed 250 km/h
6 speed sequential gearbox – front and rear rally spec LSD, active centre diff DCCD, AP racing brakes,
Reiger suspension. With complete FIA safety equipment!

Developed for the ultimate rally driving fun on the ice-track and rally roads. Built from top quality parts and equipped with a powerful 2.0 litre engine. Enjoy your ride in this unique car.

Skoda Fabia R5

1,6 litre engine turbocharged 285 Hp
5 – speed sequential gearbox, manual sequential shifting
0-100 km/ h – 4,3 sec, top speed 185 km/h
Mechanical differentials (front + rear)

A reliable and powerful rally car. The Skoda Fabia R 5 with its successful background is a car that is perfect to drive on all surfaces and under all conditions.

RWD Rally cars – 200 – 250 Hp

Rear wheel drive
With complete FIA safety equipment!

Our rear wheel car selection offers you lots of action and drifting fun. Discover the driving pleasure on the ice track or on the rally tracks with these powerful cars.

WINTER DRIVE in perfect conditions

Summer drive adventure in Central Finland

Rally Testing in Central Finland